PSA Production with Conscience Broadcast


Conscience Broadcast delivers professional, high-quality Public Service Announcements (PSAs) – without the high price tag – to non-profits.


In today’s world of non-stop information and streaming images, Conscience Broadcast understands how important it is for non-profits to have their message stand out and to capture the attention of a busy audience.


Conscience Broadcast is a full-service production and post-production company with extensive years in the Hollywood Entertainment industry.  Our focus is on bringing forth our client’s messages in original and attention-getting ways.  With over fifteen years in the industry, our production team is positioned well in the worlds of development, production, post production, as well as expertise in writing, story-telling, visual styling, editing & FX.


In addition to traditional media distribution, social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, are undeniable forces in connecting people and spreading information. In the United States, Facebook is the second most visited website and YouTube is the second largest search engine. Uploading fresh video content is an effective and important tool in capturing the attention of potential donors, engaging established donors, and easily sharing your message to thousands or millions of people. This can translate into not only bigger fundraising dollars, but more people passionate about your cause.


Conscience Broadcast seeks to make professional-quality PSAs available to all non-profits located in all areas of the world. Our comprehensive packages provide a full complement of services that take you through the PSA process from start to finish:
  • Strategic creation and development for client’s PSA that appropriately reflect it’s initiatives, campaigns and overall message of the organization;
  • Assist in scripting an effective, relevant and engaging message/brand development;
  • Coordinate with client to deliver a PSA that will support their media and social media efforts;
  • Align talent/celebrity to deliver client’s message and make it come alive with feeling and purpose;
  • Manage the production and execution of the PSA;
  • Perform all video and audio edits;
  • Submit video content to desired media;
  • Distribute video content across multiple social media channels.