Facebook Strategies

Did you know that Facebook now has 1.26 billion overall users with a staggering 757 million active daily? Did you know that Facebook’s “Like” button is clicked 4.5 billion times a day, 350 million photos are uploaded and 4.8 billion items are “Shared” daily, and yet only 6% of people ever return directly to your Facebook Profile or Fan Page once they “Like” it?

Nearly all interaction on Facebook happens through the Facebook News Feed. Bottom line, if your content doesn’t make it into the News Feed, for discussion purposes, your page doesn’t exist!  The problem is that Facebook controls which content of yours ends up in other people’s News Feeds.

The News Feed along with an algorithm called “Edgerank” was invented by Facebook in late 2006 as a way to keep up with what your friends, donors, and prospects.  Savvy users quickly figured out what to do to beat the algorithm and push more of their content higher up in the News Feed, so Facebook continued to make the formula more complex. Fast forward, in December 2013 Facebook announced the latest changes to the algorithm where there are now 100,000 “weight factors” in the model and a News Feed limit of 1,500 entries.  Facebook knows the value of this ranking system and that millions of people are willing to pay money for “head of the line privileges”.  Translation – Facebook wants you to pay money for more people to see your updates in their News Feeds.

CEG’s methods achieve impressions that exceed paid media impressions, dollar for dollar, plus create extraordinarily high engagement metrics produced from friends talking to friends. We’ll increase the number of posts and impressions that show in other people’s News Feeds, in addition we’ll generate an exceedingly high number of people responding by, retweeting, sharing, liking, and commenting.